“I believe exceptional photography is something that comes from the heart, not the mind. Before I started photography, I don’t think I ever truly saw my surroundings. In a sense, I was walking blind through my world, never noticing how pretty the cracks in the sidewalk were, or just how many colors there are in a single flower. To me, that’s the gift of photography; not the end result, but the ability to see the magnificence of the world around me in a new way and have the chance to capture it and share it with others. I do it for the joy of it, and it has been one of the greatest gifts of my life.”  – Tien Frogget


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Foggy Santa Monica Pier © Tien Frogget
Foggy Santa Monica Pier © Tien Frogget

How to Find Your Unique Voice as a Photographer

by Tien Frogget

In this digital age where photography has become more readily available to the masses and relatively easy to learn, photographers are commonly asking themselves: “How can I set my stuff apart from the thousands of other photos that are flooding the marketplace? How do I find my own unique voice, so that my photography really stands out and becomes one of a kind?”

This popular article featured on PictureCorrect.com offers unique insight into the photographer’s journey as well as clarity about what it really takes to consistently improve your work. It also shares several things that you can continually do on a regular basis that will help you to hone your creative eye, discover your unique voice, and carve out your own one-of-a-kind path as a photographer. [Read more]


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