Afternoon in Key Biscayne

It’s been two months since my trip to Florida, and I finally have some photos to show for it. While I love that my business has been very busy for some time now, it has been greedily consuming all of the time that I dedicate to editing photos as well. Nevertheless, I’m going to try to get back in my photo groove and attack the raw files that have been piling up on my hard drive. I’ve got a few too many and I really want to share them! Keep your fingers crossed, but don’t hold your breath. Here are the first images from my trip. This was my first day in Florida, and my first visit to the East Coast.

My bestie, Brooke, loaded her three children into their respective car seats and I rode shotgun while she navigated her trusty mini van from Cutler Bay to Key Biscayne. The causeway stretching out across the water in front of the Miami skyline made my breath catch in my throat, and I wished I could beg Brooke to pull over. I almost did, even though every second that passed of unrelenting rail made me realize that by the time we could find a spot to pull over, we would be well beyond the spectacular view of glass and metal reflected in seawater that had me completely transfixed. But then I remember, some moments are just not meant to be captured. The memory itself is a million times more beautiful than any photograph can ever be.

After paying the entrance fee and unloading kids from the car, with shoes squeezed onto kicking bare feet (and only seconds later kicked off of said feet) we trampled across warm sand-dusted sidewalks towards salt air. A couple of iguanas were fighting an internal battle between eating their breakfast and keeping clear of our little parade of stroller wheels and half-covered feet. Brooke patiently took the baby from my hip while I tiptoed after them, clicking my noisy shutter. They were wary me but let me stalk them anyway.

Down at the water’s edge, the Atlantic Ocean was a heavenly kind of warm, and made me miss Hawaii like crazy. (I might or might not have have closed my eyes a couple of times and pretended I was getting ready to go snorkeling with tropical fish and sea turtles.) Big puffy clouds barreled in and hung low over the lighthouse and I ran madly back and forth between it and the kids on the opposite end of the beach, filling up my memory card with everything in my field of vision. I couldn’t decide whether I wanted to be in the water or out of it, and as a result I kept hopping in and out, sometimes with my camera. Children’s laughter is like tonic for the soul, and between that and seeing my best friend for the first time in a year while frolicking on a tropical beach with a lighthouse, a rainbow, and camera was almost too much. I’m pretty sure I had invisible shooting stars and unicorns dancing around my head.

What else can be said about a perfect day? I’m not really sure. Good thing I have these photos to fill in the rest.


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