The Everglades

Visiting the everglades with my bestie was definitely one of the highlights of my Florida trip. (No need to mention that almost every day of my trip felt like a highlight…) This was the Saturday that Brooke’s hubby took the three kids and she and I got to spend the afternoon together, just the two of us. We took the airboat tour and braved hearing loss by not wearing the suggested ear plugs. I was surprised that on the entire boat ride, the only alligators we saw were babies. They were fascinating though, and we got close enough to take several pictures. At one point a gorgeous blue dragonfly buzzed right up and landed directly in front of my camera lens.

After the tour, a freak downpour threatened my camera, and I was grateful that we had the foresight to bring a plastic garbage bag I could use to cover it with. We found shelter beneath a covered roof roped off with a “restricted area” sign and watched the rain drench the jungle foliage around us. Fifteen minutes later, the clouds parted and the sun came out again. We walked around, taking photos of adult alligators and enjoying the scenery. At one point, we walked back to the vending machines by the visitor center, and Brooke got a craving for a Coke. When the can that rolled out of the machine read, “share a Coke with your BFF”, the day felt like it couldn’t get any more serendipitous. We were then photobombed by the park ranger, and both got to hold a juvenile alligator.

Not long after, we left the tour area and drove into the park itself. We only had about an hour left before we had to drive back, so we took a chance and decided to hike down a random trail. It was short but pretty, and we enjoyed the last of our time together in the Everglades.


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