Sunset at Scripps Pier

I am so happy with how these images from Scripps Pier turned out!! Photographing a Saturday sunset at this particular pier was interesting, to say the least. I’m sure the fact that it was Saturday contributed to how busy it was, but I get the feeling this is a popular place for photographers regardless of the day of the week. I arrived three hours before sunset and spent the entire time off to the side, watching anywhere from 4-8 photographers at a time all elbowing each other for the space underneath the pier.

I am not the kind of person that jumps in and tries to get the same shot as everyone else, by any means, but I did want to get an under the pier shot, too. I’m really not a fan of trying to share such a small space with other people, though, so I avoided it almost the whole time I was there and opted for photos of the pier stretched out in the water with the sun behind it, and I’m glad I did. The clouds and sunlight made for some absolutely gorgeous shots.

Finally as the sun was slipping down into the water, there were only three photographers left under the pier. I decided it was now or never. I set up my tripod in the sand next to the others and we all tried awkwardly to get shots without each other in it. Luckily for me, once the sun went down everyone else decided that was the signal to pick up and go and I finally had the whole pier to myself. I’m not sure why; after the sunset the light was gorgeous and I got some of my best shots! I stayed there in the sand, with wet boots and cold feet, taking pictures as the lights came on down the beach until finally it was too dark to take any more and I was shivering (this was in the middle of winter.) These are my favorite images from the day!