Coronado Island

Coronado Island is really beautiful, especially in the early morning before the sun has risen too high in the sky. I drove out here before the sun came up and enjoyed watching all of the morning commuters boarding the ferry, feeling grateful that I don’t have a regular job to wake up early for every day. I drove from one end of the island to the other and took my time waking around the different spots and taking photos of whatever caught my eye. The sky was a little hazy but it was still beautiful the way it softened the light.

My favorite picture is the last of this bunch, “Watcher on the Wall” of the bird sitting on the rocks looking out to sea. I set up my tripod on a bunch of rocks and had to take several slow-shutter photos to stitch that one image together. I wanted to capture the softness in the water and sky of the early morning and I think it worked out pretty well! It helped that Jonathan Livingston Seagull held his pose for me for a very long time, patient while I took my time getting everything I needed to create just the right shot.