Irvine Park

I had a lot of fun going with James and Erin to take photos in Irvine Park a few months ago. We wandered the trails and took photos of whatever caught our eye while Erin pointed out all of the birds that James and I didn’t see. At one point we came upon Mama Hummingbird sitting in her nest and James and I took turns trying to get photos of her. I had a hard time getting a decent image with my long lens in the shade and in the end the shot came out a little too fuzzy, but I still wanted to share it since it was a cool experience. All in all, it was a great shooting day. We’d be walking along and I’d go, “oh, that’s a pretty plant!” and Erin would say, “you mean the invasive ice plant?” LOL. I’m pretty ignorant about plants unless they are herbs, vegetables, or poison oak. It is pretty fun hanging out with someone that I can ask about the different plants and animals we see. I love that we both see different things. While I’m staring up at some pretty cloud formation (head lost in the clouds as usual), Erin is usually watching the rabbit that I haven’t noticed and keeping an eye on the woodpecker in the tree and pointing out the lizards running across the trail. She and James are great shooting companions! I always enjoy hanging out with them.