Stargazing in Palomar

I had an awesome time hanging out around the campfire in Palomar last weekend, taking photos of the stars and light painting Brandon and Erin and James and the the Sierra Club. My photos of the stars didn’t really come out, they were out of focus and super grainy, but they look decent on the web so I wanted to share them anyway. It was so beautiful up there!! And FREEZING…and I got a little altitude sickness. But it was completely worth it.

After Erin and I tried not to freeze our asses off taking long exposures of the sky we started taking long exposures of ourselves being silly. Then Brandon and James brought us hot chocolate and we all tried light painting for the first time, which was so much fun. We worked really hard to create the perfect pac man, and struggled with figuring out how to make lightsabers (Erin and I finally got it!! Muahaha) then we wrote our names (harder than you think when you have to do it backwards) and then Erin and I made the most epic t-rex on the FIRST TRY.

I think I see more light painting in the future!!! This was too much fun not to do again.