Christmas Lights in Orange

I took these photos last December, but didn’t have time to edit them before December was over. And once January arrived, it felt weird to post photos of Christmas lights. So I held on to them ALL YEAR just to be able to post them now.

These photos were fun because I actually did them the proper way, hauling my tripod around from house to house in order to use long shutter speeds and low ISO. The year before, when I tried to do this in my mom’s neighborhood, I just looked like some psycho stalker walking around photographing random houses. But this street in old Orange is such a thoroughfare for festive people wanting to see the lights, I didn’t look like some weirdo creeping around in the dark. At one point a car rolled up next to me and asked me excitedly if I worked for the newspaper. I almost felt bad bursting their bubble.

One of these years I want to get out and spend a cold night hauling my tripod around one of the really big neighborhoods that go ALL OUT for Christmas, because that would be awesome fun. But I do like that these photos turned out to be just little slices of a regular ol’ Southern California Christmas.