Laguna Niguel Regional Park

Yet again I’m terribly behind on posting my personal photos. This past year I have been working on quite a few creative projects including publishing my first children’s book and then turning it into a narrated, animated video, writing a Donald Trump parody, and creating a line of fabulous legging designs. I have another project in the fire that is somewhat close to being completed, and am also starting ANOTHER brand-new project which is absolutely massive in scope and will probably be at least a year or two (maybe longer) before you ever even hear about. So between all of that, the holidays, spending time with friends, not to mention running my business, I’ve found myself in this cycle of having more ideas than I know what to do with lately and never enough time to do it all. 2016 may have been a terrible year, according to many people — but for all of the terrible losses we suffered, it didn’t take my grandma from me, the love of my life asked me to marry him (I said yes, of course!) and it also gave me endless creativity, not only more than I have had in years, but also the energy and perseverance to see many of these projects through to completion, which in and of itself is huge for me.

I took this random assortment of photos in the middle of last year, at Laguna Niguel Regional Park; the last of my images I took before my trip to Florida. They may not be as traditionally beautiful as most of my photos, but I like them because they are the in-between: the simple, subtle beauty that exists around us in our day to day life, the details that we forget because we’re too busy framing our favorite moments.

I’m looking forward to seeing what this next year brings, and what other creative projects might be on the horizon next! And I leave you with a snippet I wrote back at the beginning of 2011 that feels more appropriate than ever: “I never make new years resolutions; not because I think they’re a bad idea, necessarily, but because I believe any time is a good time to choose something new if you really want it.  And I’m realizing that the good life comes from the choices you make every single day, not just once in a while.”