Bill Baggs and Miami Skyline


Did you ever think I would make it to the end of my Florida posts? I sure didn’t. But here we are, finally!

This was my last day hanging with my lady and her kids on the beach before I came down with the worst bout of stomach flu I have ever had in my life and ended up vomiting my way from one side of the country to the other (SO much fun) and then just when I finally got better, my whole world shattered when my grandma tried to commit suicide. I know that’s a totally separate side story, but when I look at these photos, that’s all I can think of. “Tien, you poor unsuspecting soul. I know you just had an amazing vacation but you’re about to become violently ill and then have your heart broken in two when one of the people you love most on this planet tries to take her own life. But please, enjoy yourself.” It seems silly that these photos should make me sad, but they do. Not just because of what happened when it was time to go home, though, but also because the whole time I was taking these pictures I was already missing my bestie.

I do really like some of these images though. I’m amazed I managed to take the skyline photos as well as a few others out the window of the car!